Sammy Miller

One Of The World's Largest
Motorbike Museums

One Of The
World's Largest
Motorbike Museums

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Racing Hall

Probably the most exotic collection of running bikes in the world.

The 1951 Moto Guzzi GAMBALUNGINO (Gambalungino means Little Long Leg)
250cc Single Overhead Camshaft
Four Speed Factory Racer

The Gambalungino was based on the pre War Albatross Racer, one of these machines ridden by Bruno Ruffo won the 1951 World Championship.

Although ultimately out classed at Grand Prix Level the 250 Guzzi remained a favourite of privateers for many more seasons, indeed in 1962 Arthur Wheeler finished a magnificent 3rd in the World Championships beaten only by the Works Hondas of Jim Redman and Bob Macintyre.

The 1967 Aermacchi Grand PRIX la D'Oro
125cc   Bore 56mm   Stroke 50mm
5 Speed. Power 22 bhp @ 8,000 rpm. Winner of the 1970 West German GP at

Designed by Peter Durr.
Owner: Museum Trust

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New Arrivals At The Sammy Miller Museum

On display in the Museum are three of Sammy's new arrivals

1964 Grand Prix Bianchi

1964 Grand Prix Bianchi
Designed by Lino Tonti and raced by Bob McIntyre, Alistair King and Silvio Grassetti.

1939 BSA Empire Star

1939 BSA Empire Star
This bike was the forerunner of the Gold Star, the sports bike of the era! Note the upswept exhaust pipe model. Price was £70 new!

1938 Zundapp K800

1938 Zundapp K800
800cc Flat Four
4 Speed Chain Gearbox
Pressed Steel Frame